Welcome to Ink-Pro

Ink-Pro is a Cartridge Ink Refill company based in Jbeil, Lebanon.

The are two main benefits of using refilled Cartridges:

  • Savings: you can refill up to three times and still pay less than buying a new cartridge
  • Environment: as you are reusing a cartridge that would have otherwise been thrown away after one use. Inkjet cartridges are made of plastic, petroleum-based products and needs thousand years to decompose.

So, dear costumer, save your money and help reducing solid waste by refilling your ink cartridges!



1. Ink-Pro refills all types of cartridges.

2. Get a discount by bringing back your empties.

3. Ink-Pro uses a high quality German Ink.

4. Ink-Pro uses an American technology for refilling your cartridges.

5. Money back guarantee!

6. Check the Refill Process by yourself!